Saturday, May 10, 2014

Project #11 Mother's Day

A letter to my Mom

Dearest Mother, 

At a tiny computer, in the pleasant town of Pleasant Grove, I sit and think back of you.  The fond memories of yesteryear where as a child I would read your notes on napkin, enjoying the lunch that was always made with love.  Coming home to warm chocolate chip cookies, a glass of cold milk and you at the table with a smile so big, would turn any cloudy day into full sunshine.  You talked with me about my sorrows and my joys.  You were quick to lend a listening ear, and speak words that touched my heart.  Never, no not once, did I feel my words and feeling went unheard and un felt, for you were filled with motherly love.  

Now as I sit at this same computer, in the pleasant town of Pleasant Grove, I look out at the beauty around me; tall billowing clouds, dancing with rays of sun, adorn the skies above and the tall mountains to the East are equally magnificent as they provide a perfect backdrop to the rustic homes and pleasant landscape.  I know that you would enjoy this view too, for you love the natural beauty of the God's creations. You love the blossoming flowers, the green grass, the contour of the hills and valleys, and the sounds of calm, running water.  You love the wonderful and beautiful things of the world because you are so close to the Spirit.  Your closeness and love for all good things is contagious and truly you make other feels so loved.  

Mom, it would be hard to serve another mission after knowing all that it entails, but if i knew that you were going be my mission mom, I would go in a heart beat. No questions asked.  I love you mom.  I love everything that you have taught me and the person you are shaping me to be and have helped me become.  

Have a wonderful Mother's day!

much love, 
Taylor James 

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