Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Project #9

Time out from life

This week has been nuts, seriously.  I have my finals, projects, family coming into town and a wedding.  I figured that since it was so crazy, I would have a blast from the past post of something that I wrote a few years ago while in Jerusalem.  For those who have been there...I loved it.  For those thinking about going...do it.  

Somewhere Near Along Time Ago

When the blaring horns all around me sound,
I find myself sheltered in a most holy ground.
Where a sacred prayer was offered to up above,
A witness of an eternal love.
Somewhere near here, sometime long ago,
My Savior pled and bled and transcended far below,
Any sin of mine, or any mistake I've done.
So my soul would heal and leave my sins undone.
Somewhere near here, sometime long ago,
My Savior died, just to save my soul.

Never thought that I would love poetry so much, but I really do enjoy writing when I get the chance!  

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