Friday, September 6, 2013

Pin this-

I have a Pinterest account, and I love it.  Mock me if you want, but one day you'll realize I'm not the only guy in the world who does. I have more boards than my fiancé and love trying out new recipes or D.I.Y. projects more than even the most domesticated house wife.  In spite of the laughs that a l w a y s follow the sentence 'I have a pinterest account', I thought I would make a blog to document my projects included with reasons why I chose the project, step by step guides and a review at the end on my completed project.  My aim is to help the bored college student, the soon to be fiancé, the over zealous wife, the secretly domestic husband or the couple trying to restore a home- basically, this blog is for the secret pinner in you. 


  1. An interesting blog, Taylor, and helpful. This kind of practical instruction is what makes blogs popular. Keep up the good work!

  2. hahaha you're awesome taylor :)