Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Canvas Picture Follow Up

Canvas Picture Follow Up

Because I had left over materials from my first canvas project (see below) I decided to try the project a second time.  I wish I had taken pictures of the project to post onto the blog, but because it turned out so well I decided to send the two pictures to my grandpa.  Needless to say- he loved it.

What I did Different

After completing the canvas picture for the first time, I figured it was so ugly that I could NEVER give it to my girlfriend.  However,  I gave the picture of myself to my younger who has proudly hung it on his wall in his room.  A great addition to a great room.  This time around I decided to have a picture printed from Walgreens instead of printing it from a printer.  This was super easy using the 'picstitch' app which allows you to print any size photo directly from your iPhone to Walgreens.  Using this glossy picture instead of the paper printed picture made a huge difference.

The steps from this point are basically the same; apply a layer of mod podge to your canvas and then the picture.  Smooth the picture evenly throughout (best to do this with the picture lying flat on the carpet and pressing from the back side of the picture- this will avoid getting nasty dirty finger prints all over your picture) and then let the picture dry.  The time needed for your picture to dry depends on how big your canvas is (I used a 5'7' and it took about 330 seconds or 5 and a half minutes) but note that it dries fairly quick.  After the mod podge has dried, apply another layer over the picture.  Your picture will look glossy but I promise that it will dry and look fine.  There will be a light film over the picture, but this will protect the picture from getting dirty.

Lesson Learned

It's always better to buy too much than too little.  I have used the paints and the canvas  that I purchased for other projects I've started....more to come :)


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